"WOW!  Our parents and staff loved everything you
did for our tailgate.  Bruce Drake, of BHG, made a
special call to tell me again how your team “hit it
out of the park”,  I am so grateful for the wonderful
service and the great tasting food.  The way our
people were treated was awesome and so many
commented on “where have they been hiding in
Lexington”?  Please feel free to use us a as
reference.  We will be calling again.

Julie Giardino, Ed.D.
Lexington Christian Academy"
Connie Bush, Winstar Farm

"Bradford BBQ is one of the most friendly and
professional catering groups I have worked with,
all staff are friendly and handle themselves in a
professional manner. I always look forward to
having them cater our farm employee picnic. I
have used them for 2 years now and will continue
to do so. They always go above what I need and
food is always wonderful, wonderful to work with
and I get to relax some and enjoy myself. My
recommendation is that if you haven't used them
you should you won't be disappointed. I will use
them every year for our picnic and if needed for
other events as well.

Thank You
Connie Bush
WinStar Farm"
UK Graduation Party. May 2013.

"We are not from the Lexington area but had a
daughter that attended UK and were looking for a
company to cater the event.  I contacted Bradford
BBQ and was provided all the information I
needed in a prompt manner.  Matt then provided
a very reasonable price for what we wanted and
even offered a extra side dish to round out the
menu.  Communication with Bradford BBQ was
without hassle as all calls prior to the party were
immediately returned which put a level of calm
on a very hectic day. The food was outstanding as
commented by the all the guests and was ready
on time.  We were extremely pleased with
Bradford BBQ as they did an outstanding job in
making this event  a success. This is a family
owned business who cares. They provided an
excellent product at a fair price and work hard to
earn peoples business.

Martin Tennison"
Bradford BBQ
Private Dining Club

656 Stanford Road
Lancaster Kentucky

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