Whole Hog Roasts
Matt averages 25 Hog Roasts per year!

PRICE - $1000.00 for 100 lb. Whole Hog or  (MARKET PRICE).
Pick up, delivery, set up, and full service available.

Specializing in Whole Hog Roasts, Bradford BBQ averages 15 Hog Roasts per year.
Preparation and cook time is extremely labor intensive limiting the number of hogs we
cater. Call today to get your event on our schedule. References include Marriott Griffin
Gate, DeRaes, and Blue Grass Catering.

rubbed with herbs & spices.

KALUA SMOKED PIG - traditional Hawaiian spices (Additional charges if smoked using tea or
banana leaves)

CAJUN SMOKED PIG (ADD $15.00 PER PIG) - injected and rubbed with spicy Cajun
marinades and seasonings

CARRIBEAN SMOKED PIG - rubbed with a blend of spicy and aromatic herbs and spices
characteristic of Caribbean food. (ADD- leeks, garlic, pineapple, orange stuffing & a mango
chutney glaze - $40.00 per pig)

HARVEST-STYLE SMOKED STUFFED PIG (ADD $30.00 PER PIG) - stuffed with apples,
onions, bread crumbs, parsley, sage and ginger. Perfect for Thanksgiving, Cristmas, or any
Holiday Event!
(ADD: bratwurst sausage stuffing - $9.00/lb)

TUSCAN-STYLE SMOKED STUFFED PIG (ADD $20.00 PER PIG) - stuffed with fennel, garlic,
coriander and rosemary. (ADD: Italian sausage stuffing - $9.00/lb)

Whole Hog Pig Roast Lexington, KY and surrounding areas
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