Diner Review • Oct 04, 2012

"Delicious! Worth following for the best
innovative BBQ ever!

John Cooper
American Express"
Bradford BBQ Taproom & Growler Bar Dispensary

Reserve The Taproom & Growler Bar for private parties & events.

Review: "Amazing BBQ & Beer in a Dive & Drive Thru... Yes Please!

"The Beast", as the kegerator is lovingly named, houses nine kegs all fillled
local craft goodness! Domestic & additional craft beers are available in
bottles in cans. The Growler Bar (A special container used to carry beer
home from a taproom) allows you to purchase draft (draught) beer in
house, or via drive thru, to enjoy at home. Your favorite local craft beer, &
domestics, are available in house, carry out, or Drive Thru.

Want great food & a six pack or Growler, Bradford BBQ is the answer you
are looking for!

Join our Stein Club! Purchase a Stein for $50 and get $1 off every beer.
Lexington Ky breweries are a must to visit for any craft beer enthusiast and
we carry them all here! Country Boy Brewing is located on Chair Avenue,
they are building a $5 million dollar facility in Georgetown Kentucky and use
the famous Nate's Coffee for their amazing Stout! Sleek & Smooth West
Sixth is located downtown. Blue Stallion Brewing on Third Street has a great
selection. Pepper Distillery at Manchester Rocks it out with Ethereal
Brewing. Do not under estimate, or over look, Paris Kentucky Crown Jewel
Rooster Brew. Owned by Ralph Quillian, and his beautiful wife Donna,
totally worth the drive to this beautiful & historic area. Kentucky Ale is a
staple and so impressive. Hometown brews are in the hunt as well. The
menu changes at Bradford BBQ Taproom & Growler Bar so let us know
your favorites! Reserve
Bradford BBQ
Private Dining Club

656 Stanford Road
Lancaster Kentucky

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